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Proposal writing, when done properly, should follow all content & compliance requirements set by the government.

Our team of proposal writers and managers have years of dedicated experience when it comes to following the ever-confusing regulations related to government contracting.

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RFP & Proposal Writing Services

The proposal development process can be simple or complex depending on the specific requirements of the government contract you are addressing. And, though every solicitation has its own set of guidelines for what a proposal must contain, the tasks involved in creating one are common to every project.

Extensive experience and past performance

Our experience spans industries from all over the map, from construction to IT to bio-medical to fleet transit and many, many more. Sales Automation Support project managers are extremely capable of getting up to speed quickly as a part of your project team. They’ll ask the right questions, absorb information, and filter content through your subject matter experts to ensure we deliver your message accurately every time.

Producing award winning proposals in the following areas:


Contracts issued for work under the purview of the U.S. Government or military


Contracts issued for work in state-run offices and/or agencies


Contracts issued for work pertaining to a town or city or its local government


Proposals geared towards securing contracts between one company and another

US Army Corps of Engineers
Defense Health Agency
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Defense
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of State
Department of Housing and Urban Development

Proposals that are not only written well, but look great too!

We understand the necessity for a compliant, professionally written proposal when dealing with the government and other entities. In our experience, it's also important to make the proposal look as compelling on the outside as it is on the inside. Our team of graphic designers at your disposal to help brand your proposal to your company.

Great government contract proposal writers produce great proposals

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Sales Automation’s wins across multiple, diverse industries demonstrates our proficiency for absorbing complex information quickly and presenting it in a way that contracting officers and review teams can easily understand. When we engage you on a project, we don’t just adapt your own material to fit minimum requirements, we create fresh content as a part of your project team to deliver your message in a compelling, effective way.

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