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FedStarter Features


An absolute strategic contracting powerhouse

The core purpose of FedStarter is to help you network with experienced contract holders and like-minded business.

Opens lines of communication with decision makers

To find the right teaming opportunities, you have to speak with the right people. FedStarter connects you to higher level decision makers.

Helps build strategic, long lasting professional relationships

Once you spoken to the right people, they'll want to know you have the right experience. We help you develop the material to prove it.

Simplifies the teaming process from end-to-end

FedStarter lays the foundation on which quality teaming arrangements are built. There is no solution more simple.

Extensive data on every lead we connect you with

We provide detailed information on every connection we help you make, including number of contracts, contact info, and all of the financial data.

Built around building past performance

No matter what the takeaway, know that FedStarter's main goal is put you in a position to develop past performance quickly through strategic teaming.

A perfect team-building solution

Having limited government experience and internal resources to devote to strategic team building is exactly what FedStarter helps small, mid-size, and even large businesses achieve.

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The FedStarter Process


Strategic Network Development

Every good networking campaign starts with focusing on what your core strengths are. After we get to know your company, we:

  • Author strength-focused messaging
  • Author and design any collateral (optional)
  • Author, design, and develop a landing page (optional)
  • Develop everything in 2 weeks or less

Contractor-based Relationship Building

With all campaign components developed, our team develops the network that you are most likely to team with based on your strengths. These include:

  • Qualified contractors in your industry
  • Contractors holding at least 1 contract in most cases
  • Contractors looking for your set-asides
  • Contractors looking for your capabilities

Reach for the Contracting Stars

Now that everything is in place, it's time to reach for the contracting stars and start developing your teaming channels.

  • Connect with new contractors each week
  • Reach over 3,000+ government contract holders
  • Develop strong networking channels
  • Spend more time bidding and less time searching

We are a highly experienced proposal development firm

Our parent company, Sales Automation Support, Inc., has over 18 years of experience, and well over $20B in government contract wins for our clients!

  • We know the government market inside and out
  • We understand what it takes to compete and win in your industry
  • Our retention rate is one of the highest in the business
  • We have the staff and resources to satisfy your contracting needs from end-to-end
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FedStarter Pricing


$ 4,995 /CAMPAIGN
  • 3 month program
  • Reach 3,000+ contract holders
  • Campaign portal to manage connections & analytics
  • Make NAICS based connections
  • Messages come from you
  • Responses go to your in-box
  • Teaming advice from industry professionals
  • Ready to launch in 2 weeks or less
$ 6,595 /CAMPAIGN
  • Everything in Standard plus:
  • Corporate Capabilities Statement
  • or
  • Campaign specific landing page
$ 7,595 /CAMPAIGN
  • Everything in Plus plus:
  • Corporate Capabilities Statement
  • and
  • Campaign specific landing page

FedStarter Clients


"I took a leap of faith and suddenly the entire universe came to me"

Brandon Gatewood - Project 7 Security

"As an Architectural firm with limited Federal past performance looking to expand into government contracting, we knew going in our options were limited. We would have spent a lot of time and effort trying to do what FedStarter did for us in a matter of weeks.
Pete Poretta - CEO - Lighthouse Architecture
"We are so excited about the opportunities that FedStarter has been creating for us. Each week our phones are ringing and our in-boxes are filling with companies looking to learn more about us and discuss possible teaming opportunities.
Phil Gant - President - Customized Technicians
"I researched a lot of companies to see if they could help me break into the Federal Market, but I ended up wasting a lot of time because they were all fraudulent. When I finally came across the team at Sales Automation Support, it felt right. I took a leap of faith and suddenly the entire universe came to me.
Brandon Gatewood - CEO - Skytech Security
"It is working really well, I had to pause my FedStarter campaign due to the success and trying to coordinate all the follow up calls and engagements. I’ve established three teaming agreements in 72 hours.
Brian Zickefoose - President - Valiant Group LLC