Tony Williams - Sr. Proposal & RFP Developer

Tony Williams

Sr. Proposal Writer / V.P. of Compliance

Tony Williams has worked fulltime with Sales Automation Support for over 10 years. He is an expert in the Federal business proposal development process, including the assessment of Requests for Proposals (RFP), estimating projects, directing and advising clients, gathering information, and writing the proposal content. Other valuable proposal development skills include creating artwork and graphics, performing compliance checks against the RFP, and moving the documentation through to production in accordance with RFP requirements.

He typically has between two and seven proposal engagements running concurrently at any given time. Then, outside of his own projects, he is contributing to the writing, graphics, and production support of other major accounts.

With a BA in English from UW-Madison, Tony is a highly skilled technical writer. His impressive work history has helped set the stage nicely for where he is now.

Summary of Skills

Proposal & RFP Development

Content Management and Distribution

Organization Chart Development

Process Optimization



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