Price-to-win analysis and pricing consultation services

Price-to-Win strategy and consultation services

In this competitive contracting environment having a superior technical proposal that is compliant is simply not enough. Too often, bidders are beat on price and all the effort and resources that went into developing the proposal is wasted; at least until the opportunity presents itself again on recompete.

Sales Automation Support is committed to creating an equally compelling pricing strategy to increase your chances of an award. If you’ve experienced too many losses recently due in whole or in part to pricing, let our team support your next effort.

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Overview of our Pricing Services:

Whether you are looking for a strategies to bid an LPTA or Best Value opportunity, need assistance with Labor Category Salary Surveys, Price Model Development, or complete Price To Win analysis with Competitive Intelligence (PTW/CI), we have a solution.

If you need to merge the nuances of CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), SCA (Service Contract Act), and Exempt labor classes together into a cohesive model that stays true to the characteristics of each category, the Sales Automation Support team can provide the solution. We use the unique cost elements related to your company and the government contract you are pursuing to develop a full pricing model that meets the solicitation requirements. Elements of this model will often find themselves in the Pricing Volume section of your proposal as the Wrap Rates or FBLR (Fully Burdened Labor Rates). They’ll be submission-ready if the RFP requires evidence of the rate buildups, as many so often do.
Facing a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable opportunity and want some guidance on how to bid it? We can help. Knowing where and how to trim cost elements and bid an LPTA contract can make the difference between your proposal never being reviewed, and being the first one selected for evaluation. Increasingly, the evaluation of LPTA opportunities is as simple as reviewing the lowest bid for price realism. If the technical and past performance are found to be acceptable, the evaluation process is over…no other proposals are reviewed regardless of how superior they may be, or how close their pricing is.
Many companies have the impression that a superior technical approach will allow them to price as they wish on a Best Value (BV) opportunity. Many of these companies continue to lose out to other bidders that understand that there is a range, and better yet, how to bid within that range for the win. The first step in this pricing strategy is to know what the floor is, so the BV range can be identified. Sales Automation Support will take the guesswork out of this process by calculating that floor, and the optimum BV bid range to enhance your chances for a win.

Want to know what to pay a certain labor category at a certain skill level for a certain location? We’ll assist with the time consuming and often frustrating task of arriving at a pricing strategy for salaries. Sales Automation Support will pull the important aspects of the position description provided in the RFP, and conduct research on those elements to arrive at a proper salary or salary range. Though there are many factors to consider for salary targets, location, experience, education, direct report aspects, and clearance levels are some of the more common and important criteria that affect pay.
Make informed decisions regarding your bid based upon the competitive analysis Sales Automation Support can perform. We’ll work to identify interested companies likely to bid on your opportunity, construct a competing model based upon the solicitation constraints, and suggest strategies to mitigate a competitors’ likely approach. Incumbents often choose our service to better understand how a competitor will work to unseat them during the re-compete process.
This service is for those who’ve done all the work, but are still unsure of certain cost elements, or would simply like a professional review of their model and pricing strategy before submission. We’ll review your model and assumptions, offer suggestions for improvement, and ensure your model is complete, compliant, and competitive. Overlooking a cost element, such as Clearance costs to be borne by the contractor, can make a significant impact in profitability if unaccounted for.

Are you confident your pricing is competitive?

Pricing strategy is one of the most important factors when it comes to calculating your PWIN, or deciding whether or not you are competitive for any given contract.

Focus Areas:


Sales Automation Support will assist you with achieving the competitive pricing range for the type of government contract you’re pursuing. Though you have the ultimate decision in regards to price and the various cost elements, as your advisers, we will team with you to review any components that could be approached differently to better your bid.


There are certain strategies and methods that can be applied to ensure the price is appropriate for the government contract. For LPTA, having any non-required cost elements as part of a proposal will most likely lead to a loss. For Best Value, knowing how to assess your differentiators is just as important as ensuring you are bidding within the competitive range.


We review all pricing to ensure its integrity. Depending upon the complexity of the RFP, our pricing strategy calls for different formulas to be used appropriately and consistently, while any information pulled from other areas in the model must be precisely targeted to ensure an accurate price.


All cost elements are identified and appropriately accounted for during our review of the RFP. These elements are then populated into our uniquely prepared pricing model. The typical output of the model is either a direct submission requirement, or is used to complete a provided evaluation model such as a government price evaluation model.

Pricing can be the difference between a win and a loss

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