No matter what business you are in, you can be sure people are researching you before they ever pick up a phone. Make sure you have the internet and collateral presence to make a lasting first impression.

Our media support team can help in the following areas:


From mobile ready websites, content management systems that you can control yourself, and simple website updates, our media support staff will work closely with you to develop a great website for your business.


Having great looking collateral that you can send to your potential clients or prospects can leave a lasting impression. From business cards to brochures, we can assist in any graphics related project you might need.


From time to time it is necessary to reach out to a new audience. Having the right ideas behind the right delivery vehicles, with writers and marketing professionals in place can make all the difference in the world.


Not sure what you need exactly? That’s alright. We can sit down with you to discuss your current and future objectives to come up with a viable game plan to get your business up to date. Contact us today to learn more.

Key Services

When it comes to creating and managing your IT / Web objectives, our media support staff will work closely with you to create high impact graphics and high return IT support.

Website / IT Services

Graphics / Marketing Services

Web Design Services

Our media and IT support staff are equipped with the knowledge and know-how of modern web design standards and effective procedure. When it comes to creating a captivating layout for your messaging and marketing objectives, our process is simple: Get your key information in front of your potential clients in a way that is easy to act on, and easily understandable.

We offer the following web design services customized to your company’s budget:

  • Website design and development
  • Customized website management packages
  • Website upgrades and modifications
  • Complete website management
  • Website hosting and domain management

HTML/CSS Development

Our IT staff is fully versed in the latest coding and programming technologies.

  • HTML / CSS
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Less / Sass
  • Javascript Development
  • jQuery
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Various MVC Frameworks

Content Writing

Along with expert coders and designers, our team is equipped to handle any content related project:

  • Website copy
  • Marketing material
  • Blogs and RSS feeds
  • Social media posts

Responsive Design Services

One of the top questions we get regarding responsive design is, what the heck is it?

In short, responsive design offers a seamless solution for displaying your content consistently for users accessing your website on the various internet capable devices:

  • Laptops and Desktops
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Smartphones

With so many different internet capable devices out there, and with mobile internet traffic surpassing desktop or laptop traffic in 2015, it is critical you offer your mobile visitors the same level of service as your desktop and laptop visitors.

Without a responsive site, many mobile visitors will simply move on, most likely to your competition.

Cross-browser Compatibility

If your eyes just glazed over reading this headline, you might want to focus them and read on.

In addition to the many types of devices out there, we are also given the hurdle of making sure our websites look and function consistently no matter which internet browser the user is using. This can be quite challenging as most browsers have varying capabilities when it comes to displaying your website.

Our cross-browser capability services ensure your website functions and displays consistently across the board:

  • Google Crome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • Mozilla SeaMonkey
  • K-Meleon
  • Konqueror
  • Epiphany

UI Design Services

A good User Interface and User Experience could mean the difference between a sale and a loss.

User Interface, quite simply, is the gateway in which a user interacts with any of your website content, products, or services. Without an effective layout, it will be hard to navigate, and hard to act on any of the important calls-to-action you might have on your site.

Our User Interface experts will work closely with you to optimize the following:

  • Usability testing on all links
  • Usability testing on all custom functions such as popups, forms, and jQuery elements
  • Mobile-ready dynamic elements

UX Design Services

Our User Experience services focus on creating a pleasant atmosphere for your visitors. One that is easy to navigate, simple to understand, and effective in it’s design.

A good User Experience means that:

  • Key content is easy to find and understand
  • Buttons and other CTA’s are in the most effective place
  • Key elements are in common-sense locations

WordPress / CMS Development Services

Being able to control your website content in-house is a great benefit to many companies with the time to do so.

Our media staff can create a fully functional, completely manageable website for your company. Not just that, but we will train your employees on how to manage the content, layout, and modifications of your WordPress / CMS website.

We can create your website using the following CMS based platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Concrete5
  • Magento

CMS Conversion

Have a non-cms based website and would like to convert?

Our team can completely convert your existing non-cms based website into a fully functional cms platform that you can manage in-house.

We take your existing design, content, and layout and convert it into a CMS based website using the platform of your choice.

Branding Services

Today, brand is everything. It is how customers recognize us. It is the trust we build with our client-base. It is who we are.

We understand how important a solid and unique brand is, and can work closely with you to develop a strong branding strategy to last through the ages.

Our designers and developers will work with you to develop:

  • Strong branding concepts based on your company’s identity
  • Colors and imagery
  • Collateral material
  • Logos and websites
  • Branding guidelines

Collateral Design Services

Marketing in today’s world takes many different forms. That often includes physical material that we hand out to potential and existing customers.

No matter who we are sending material to, it is critical that any material be up-to-date, and reflect the values and ideas of your company.

Our designers work with you to ensure your ideas and values are clearly demonstrated in anything you share with clients:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Postcards
  • Letters and letterhead
  • Email designs
  • Business cards

Marketing Services

From email campaigns to pay-per-click advertising, our marketing staff is fully equipped with making any campaign successful.

We offer a completely managed solution for all marketing campaigns that include:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Direct mailing campaigns
  • initial reach-out campaigns
  • Customer keep-in-touch campaigns
  • Lead list procurement
  • Analytics based data on campaigns and website effectiveness

51% of people think “thorough contact information” is the most important element missing from many company websites

Our Recent Projects

Below are some of our most recent projects. These projects were completely managed by the Sales Automation Support Media Development team, along with support from our clients, from start to finish.

Chameleon Communications
Agent Amber
Advanced Orthodontics
Bomboard - Postcard (Front)
Bomboard - Postcard (Back)
Back to Health - Postcard (Front)
Back to Health - Postcard (Back)
X-Wrench Logo
Worksmart Logo
Anacomp Brochure 1 - Front
Anacomp Brochure 1 - Back

Want to learn more about our media related services?

Our support staff is available to speak with you regarding your next project. Reach out to us and let us know you are interested in learning more about any of our media related services.