Performance-based Selection – Do You Have What It Takes?

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Performance-based Selection – Do You Have What It Takes?

In today’s hyper-competitive world, your company’s performance history matters more than ever. The “old school” approach to federal contracting was characterized by pushing costs down, often at the expense of material and service quality. Today, best-value and performance-based selection is the primary driver of acquisitions. It focuses on the government’s needs and the value, flexibility, responsiveness, and past performance of the contractor. This may seem obvious, after all, past performance is the key indicator of future success in any field.

Performance-based acquisition creates a partnership between government and contractor. When the agency and the contractor share the same goals, the likelihood of success rises dramatically. It is defined by a statement of desired outcomes, required service, performance standards (completeness, reliability, accuracy, timeliness, customer satisfaction, quality, cost, etc), acceptable quality levels (AQL), monitoring/surveillance methods, and thorough review of success determinants. These components each rely on existing quality standards to be identified through market research. The flexibility of this system not only allows the government to find the strongest contractor, but it allows the contractor to propose the strongest solution for the issue.

How do you ensure that your proposal will be a contender?

Satisfy the legal and regulatory requirements, align your performance and objectives with the government’s strategic goals, meet the agency’s needs, and deliver results on schedule and on-budget. Due diligence research in the area of expertise is also a must. You must possess a full understanding of the agency’s requirements and the regulations that frame federal contracting. Above all else, demonstrate that your company has a history of exceptional performance. Identify any awards, special recognition, and certifications that your company has attained. While large, proven firms have a distinct advantage, small businesses can often be more flexible, quicker to think and act, and more dedicated to customer service – invaluable traits in any business relationship.

What if my company has limited to no past performance?

If you feel your past performance is lacking, it probably is. Rather than try to win as a prime and fail, which is very expensive in time and money, you are often better off targeting prime contractors with significant past performance and teaming with them. This builds your company past performance if you perform well on team contracts. Eventually, after you have proven yourself, just like in an apprenticeship, you will be ready to go for your own prime contracts. Eventually you will have other smaller firms looking for you to mentor them.

What are the best chances for success when it comes to developing a compelling, compliant proposal?

At Sales Automation Support, we build a relationship with your company that extends through all stages of proposal preparation and writing. We become a natural extension of your organization and write proposals that highlight your strengths and past performance. We know what it takes to win difficult proposals, and most importantly, we have the proven past-performance to back it up. Contact us now to learn more .  You can reach us at (262) 754-8712.

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