Preparing a Government Contract Bid

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The United States Government Is The Largest Consumer In The World

This fact only adds to the intimidation companies must feel when they prepare a government contract bid for any government-sponsored RFP (request for approval). Moreover, in recent years, the competition between companies to secure these bids has become fiercer.

No doubt, the seasoned companies that have prepared contract bids for years have a great advantage over smaller companies that are trying to infiltrate this niche market. The result is that preparing a government bid effectively is the only way to make one’s company and its advantages stand out from the competition.

Sales Automation Support Has 15 Years Experience Preparing Successful Government Contract Bids

Our team of experts assists companies, especially those smaller companies trying to penetrate the market, in achieving contract bid success. Below, we’ll share exactly how we do that.

#1 Our staff reviews the bid’s details and develops a schedule from the finishing date back to the starting point.

In doing so, Sales Automation Support ensures that the work completed focuses intently on the finished product and its deadline. In 15 years, Sales Automation Support has NEVER delivered a late bid; that’s just not how this company works. Working backward from the end goal, our team strategically works with our partnering companies to make the process flawless and lucid.

#2 Many companies fail to realize that the best-written government contract bids follow the outline and needs of the actual RFP.

Our team recognizes that the RFP is the key to comprehending the purpose, intended audience, and context of the contract bid. Our staff is trained to understand the way RFPs are written so that the response is in line with the needs of the government agency requesting the bid.

#3 We ensure the document is clear and cohesive – knowing the first impression is everything.

RFP documents rely very heavily on aesthetics as much as they do content.  The “look” of the response—headings, subheadings, visuals—add to the credibility of the contract bid. Furthermore, logical and appropriate diction increase the reliability of a contract bid in the eyes of decision-makers.

Preparing a Government Contract Bid Is Not Easy

In fact, it is becoming more complicated and complex with each request.

Sales Automation Support acknowledges the many pitfalls into which a poorly written government contract bid can fall. Unclear explanations, incomplete or missing information, illogical rationales, and insufficient resources will hinder any company’s contract bid response. Working with its partners, Sales Automation Support ensures that these issues will not occur.

Competition in the government contracting market is growing rapidly. Companies need a partner in the contract bid writing process that leaves them knowing that their bid is competitive and reliable.  Sales Automation Support is the best solution for these government contract bid needs.