How to Choose the Right Business Allies to Help You Win Government Contracts

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Looking to win a Federal contract in 2018? Be ready for a game of strategy. The more thoughtfully placed allies you have in your corner, the better chances you have of winning. And, with years of helping businesses around the globe win Government contracts, the team at Sales Automation Support can help you build valuable allies and unlock a world of opportunity.


Know the Rules of the Game

Here’s some interesting information: in the 1990’s, British Anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, made his name known by proposing that there is an actual limit to the number of people a person can maintain a stable relationship with. This number, also known as the Dunbar Number, averages to be 150 people, depending on your personality type.


Why is this Relevant?

The Federal Government also places a limit on the number of vendors and teaming partners a business can effectively maintain. This means, when the time comes for a bid that involves a set-aside certification to be considered, you’ve got to know the ins & outs of the companies you’re teaming with.

While the Federal Acquisition Regulations may seem stringent, they can work to your advantage if you bank quality allies in all major set-aside categories. Doing this will also ensure that you’re never locked out of any opportunity. Exactly, what are these categories?


What More Do I Need to Know about Past Performance and Set-Aside Certification?

If your company has substantial Federal Past Performance, your task of finding willing, able, and competent allies will be much easier. On the flipside, if you’re lacking in Past Performance (click HERE to learn more) and Set-Aside certification, you’ll need to make up for this deficit – and you’ll need to do so with clarity and conviction to target a specific market. Just remember, leveraging Past Performance and Set-Aside certification goes two ways. You will bring value to your new teaming partner, and your new ally will bring value to you.

Need more guidance? Check out FedStarter – this program has helped numerous businesses build their allies and win Federal contracts.

Don’t Let Capacity Hold You Back from the Chance to Win Government Contracts! 

Like many businesses, time and resources aren’t always a luxury. Fortunately, there are systems in place to automate your outreach process. To do this, you’ll need the following…

  • Proper list of potential businesses within your relevant NAICS (North American Industry Classification system)
  • Full profile of the company’s name, Federal business contact name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and website
  • Landing page offering compelling details on the advantages you offer to a teaming partner, as well as a “capabilities statement” to define your position and advantages


You’ll also need to manage email campaigns and social media – online marketing platforms that are critical getting your message out and building your team of allies. LinkedIn can be especially valuable and justifies connections to those who take the time to write a meaningful connection requestion. If you’d like to connect with our team of subject matter experts, click HERE.

How Do I Know if I Have the Right Allies?

How can you be confident that you’re teaming with a reputable company? First, you’ll need them to share examples of past success, to appear genuine, and to be willing to schedule teleconferences to overcome any barriers of time and distance. In short, here are the telltale signs their wrong for you…


Get It Right from the Start

Trying to win a Government contract isn’t a “shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars” sort of thing. If you’re missing one component, you’re less likely to win. So, let’s do it right.

Build a reputable alliance with a team of professionals who have a proven track record of winning – like us! In some cases, we’ve been able to help companies find their teaming partners in a matter of just three months. All the more, our team can help you put the pieces together with our Fed Team and Fed Starter programs, proposal writing expertise, and knowledge of how the system works. Together, we’ll implement the right game plan and assemble all the right allies so you can win Government contracts!