David Daniel

Proposal Writer

David is a senior consultant with over 20 years of federal, state, local and commercial experience. His 10+ years of weapons systems design and engineering for the US Army Signal Corps led to over a decade with IBM and PwC, where he has successfully developed and implemented business transformation strategies across agencies.

His diverse customer base reached from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS), and City/County of Honolulu to the Federal Aviation Administration, US Navy and Veterans Administration. Specifically, his work at OKDHS centered on a two-year project to systematically identify social benefits for citizens, as well as a measured approach to monitoring and auditing recipients.

David also supported the development of a joint US Army MEDCOM/Veteran's Administration data management program to both ensure a measured medical readiness posture for soldiers deploying to the theater, but also deliver a smooth transition to VA health benefits upon return/separation. David holds a patent on a methodology to systematically drive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. He's also published several recognized papers on developing intellectual property in the engineering space. He worked with NASA management to build a cross-agency collaborative governance mechanism to build synergies between centers and systematically drive innovation across the agency.

Most recently, David worked with the US Marine Corps Systems Command to develop a mission-centric methodology to evaluate key performance metrics across the USMC. David has been a guest lecturer in strategic innovation at Pennsylvania State University, an adjunct lecturer in Enterprise Architecture at Carnegie Melon University, as well as a featured speaker at multiple Gartner and Open Group events worldwide. In 2015, he was invited to present a paper at Davos, Switzerland on regional government methods to design sustainable, citizen-centric risk reduction in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Summary of Skills

Proposal & RFP Development
Project Management
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